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In today's complex business landscape, companies must demonstrate ambidexterity which requires them to face the challenge of maintaining their day-to-day operations while simultaneously responding to evolving market conditions to stay ahead of the competition. This requirement necessitates effective management of both routine activities and the ability to adapt swiftly to changes in the operating environment.


Meet Christina,

a seasoned professional in change management. With a wealth of experience working with public and private sector organizations, business units, and teams, Christina specializes in facilitating small-scale adjustments and complete transformations to enable organizational ambidexterity. She understands that change, regardless of its magnitude, is a complex process that elicits emotions and reactions from employees. Thus, her approach emphasizes compassion and evidence-based methodologies to ensure employee engagement and genuine adoption of crucial change initiatives driven by data.

Throughout the years, Christina has closely collaborated with numerous organizations as they navigated the transition to our 'new normal' following the post-COVID era. She has successfully supported these organizations in adapting to remote or hybrid work models, seamlessly integrating new technologies, and fostering cultural and procedural alignment to embrace change effectively.

With Christina's guidance, organizations can confidently embrace change as a catalyst for growth and competitive advantage. Her dedication to increasing employee participation and fostering earnest adoption of critical change initiatives ensures that organizations not only survive but thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major reinvention, Christina's expertise will empower organizations to successfully navigate change and seize new opportunities for success.

Responding to Change

  • Environmental scanning 

  • Benchmarking and best practices 

  • Readiness and capacity assessments 

  • Employee experience research 

  • Change management planning 

  • Business transformation strategy 

Managing Change

  • Building capacity for change

  • Leadership competencies 

  • Business process alignment

  • People and culture alignment  

  • Implementation initiatives and workshops

  • Monitoring and evaluation  

  • Management workshops and lectures 

All services can be combined and curated for your business

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